The Super-Soldier serum preserved Captain America in ice for decades. Now he's thawed out to lead the Avengers against all enemies.

Avengers Captain America

Character InformationEdit

Team: Avengers
Avengers Captain Americafb1

Playable: Yes

Cost: Retired

Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Fight Style: Melee

Movement: Double Jump


Upon Entering: "Avengers, assemble!"

Character Select: "I've come from the past to protect everyone's future."

Using Door: "Leadership means being the first one through the door."

Eating Pizza: "Feels like I haven't had pizza in 70 years."

Female Citizen Greeting: "Don't worry, maim. We've got things under control."

Male Citizen Greeting: "Don't worry, sir. We've got things under control."

Going in Water: "This water's a lot cleaner than it use to be. I guess that chlorination idea really did work."

Destroying Trouble-bot: "Things sure have changed from the '40s to now."

Chasing Robber: "Just because the world is in parole doesn't mean I'm gonna let you get away with this."

Chasing Dog/Loki Statue: "Where I come from, we don't tolerate nonsense like this."

Using Hotspot: N/A

Using Wheel: 'I've never been very lucky, but maybe that's about to change."

Visiting Shop: "You guys still giving a discount to soldiers? No, huh. How 'bout Avengers?"

Visiting Parker House: "Mmm, mmm. Apple pie's still delicious in the futur...the present."

Sitting: "I hope the new suit doesn't rip when I sit down."

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): "Things sure have changed from the '40s to now."

Solo Mission: "I can handle this myself, while the other Avengers save the rest of the world."

Mission with Other Squads: "Not sure if this group will want me to lead or not, but I could use the practice."

Solo Mission Complete: "In case you didn't catch my name, it's Captain America."

Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Great work everyone. You know, we could always use a few more members."