Black Widow
Black Widow

Description: A former ballerina and Russian super-spy, Black Widow wears wrist-cuffs with an electrical blast called the "Widow's Bite". Team: None Playable: Agent Only Cost: 1,000 Silver Voice Actor: Laura Bailey Marvel Lore: + 2 Fight Style: Melee Movement: Double Jump Basic Combo:

*First: 7 Damage, jumps and kicks an enemy.
  • Second: 5+5 Damage, jumps and kicks an enemy twice.
  • Third: 5+5 Damage & Knockback, front handsprings into an enemy.
  • Fourth: 18 Damage, dashes and strikes an enemy.
  • Fifth: 34 Damage & Knockdown, kicks a group of enemies into the air.
  • Total: 79

Power 1: Widow Strike -1 Star- Dashes into a group of enemies, dealing 31 Damage & Knockdown. Power 2: Widow's Grapple -2 Stars- Grabs and drags an enemy at range to you, dealing 6 Damage & Knockdown. Power 3: Widow's Bite -3 Stars- Zaps an enemy with electricity, dealing 51 Damage & Stun. Hero Up: Throws several dozen bombs that explode at surrounding enemies several times, dealing 24 damage & Knockdown per bomb.

  • Pro Tip: This closer the main target is to you, the more times this attack will hit.

Black widow full body

Alternate Outfits[1][2]


Upon Entering: "Infiltration successful." Character Select: "Choose me and you'll not regret it." Using Door: "Perhaps I could hide in here." Citizen Greeting: "Hello dahlink." Eating Pizza: "A shame they don't have pizza like this in Russia." Going in Water: "I am not worried; my Widow's Bite is insulated." Destroying Trouble-bot: "You are of no use to me!" Chasing Robber: "Do not make me chase you, fool!" Using Hotspot: N/A Using Wheel: "I suppose I could take a chance or two." Vising Shop: "I am running low on supplies." Vising Parker House: "Thank you for having me into your home, Miss Parker." Sitting: "No one will notice me here." Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to Lift, etc.): "What are you doing?" Solo Mission: "I work best as a solitary operative." Mission with Other Squads: "I hope these heroes do not slow me down." Mission Complete: "Perhaps I should work with friends more often."

To Black Cat: "A cat burglar, eh? Darling, I could teach you a few lessons." To Bucky Cap: "It looks like we had both blossomed, Comrade Barnes." To Daredevil: "This time we will work together, Daredevil." To Iron Man: "Well, if it isn't Tony Stark. Good to see you again, dahlink..." To Nick Fury: "I'm glad to see that you are still... alive and kicking, Fury." To Stealth Armor Iron Man: "You built special armor to be stealthy? Oh dahlink, let me show you how it is done..."