Emma shso
Description: Dressed in all white with a body that can change into diamond, Emma Frost has a hot temper to go with her cool personality.

Team: X-Men Playable: Yes Cost: 600 Gold Voice Actor: Marvel Lore: + 1 Fight Style: Ranged Movement: Basic Combo Damage: 9+12+16+24+35=96

  • First: 9 Damage, shoots a psychic blast at an enemy.
  • Second: 12 Damage, shoots a psychic blast at an enemy.
  • Third: 16 Damage, spins and shoots a large psychic blast at an enemy.
  • Fourth: 24 Damage, shoots a blast rainbow-colored psychic energy at an enemy.
  • Fifth: 35 Damage, smashes an enemy from above with rainbow-colored psychic energy
  • Total: 96

Power 1: Mind Blast -1 Star- Shoots 3 psychic blasts at an enemy, dealing 14+14+14 Damage & Stun. Power 2: Action, Refraction -2 Stars- Refract sunlight with diamond form to create light beam in an horizontal arc at enemies in front of you, dealing 35 Damage to all within range. Power 3: Hearts and Minds -3 Stars- Shoots a blast of psychic energy at surrounding enemies, dealing 10 Damage & Confusion effect to all within range. Hero Up: Blows a kiss with a large blast of rainbow-colored psychic energy at surrounding enemies, dealing 62 Damage & Stun.

Emma Frost

Quotes: Upon Entering: "Looks like it just got a bit frosty." Character Select: "Why choose anyone else when you can have a queen?" Using Door: "Hope this isn't a waste of my time." Citizen Greeting: "Oh hello." Eating Pizza: "Sometimes a girl just needs to splurge." Going in Water: "I prefer ice-skating but this isn't bad." Destroying Trouble-bot: "I don't have time for you." Robber: "I don't have time for this." Using Hotspot: N/A Using Wheel: "Oh prizes, I think I've earned them." Visiting Shop: "I love shopping." Visiting Parker House: "This isn't very healthy but oh, so tasty." Sitting: "This seat better not get my clothes dirty." Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to Lift, etc.): "What's this?" Solo Mission: "I don't need any help." Mission with Other Squads: "I suppose it can't hurt to team up for a bit." Solo Mission Complete: "As if there was any doubt." Mission with Other Squads Complete: "I'm surprised you were all able to keep up with me. Well done." Power 1: "Behold, the power of the mind!" Power 2: "I'm bedazzling!" Power 3: "You can't resist my charms!" Hero-Up: "You know you love me!"

To Cyclops: "With our powers combined, we'll be unstoppable, Cyclops." To Jean Grey: "Let's see who's got the sharper mind, Jean." To Phoenix: "I remember what it was like to touch the Phoenix Force. What power!"