Enchantress is the evil Asgardian goddess of beauty. Using her erotic powers and spell-casting magic, she hypnotises heroes and then attacks them.


Boss InformationEdit

Team: Asgardian Gods

Missions: A Thousand Apples a Day

Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle

Minions: Fire Imps, Ice Imps, Flame Giants, Frost Giants



Enchantress throws a hex bolt at the closest hero, hitting for 35 damage and stun.

Hedge Trimmer

Enchantress shoots a green spell from her hands in the form of an arc in front of her, dealing 20 damage and knockback to all heroes hit.

Bunny Spell

Enchantress points at the closest hero and casts a spell on that hero, turning them into a rabbit. In this form, the hero cannot attack and runs in a circle twice, then turns back to their original form.

I'm so Beautiful, Don't You Think?

Enchantress smiles and poses at the closest male hero, stunning them for a few seconds.