Jean Grey full body

Jean Grey Super Hero Squad Online

Description: With psychic powers, Jean Grey always knows what you're thinking and can lift objects with the power of her mind!

Team: X-Men Playable: Yes Cost: 5,000 Silver Voice Actor: Marvel Lore: + 1 Fight Style: Ranged Movement: Flight Combo Damage: 9+12+16+24+42=103 Power 1: Just Dance! -1 Star- 37 Damage and Dance effect to one enemy. Power 2: Brain Freeze -2 Stars- 30 Damage in radius to all and freeze one enemy. Power 3: Mind Eraser -3 Stars- Crushes one enemy for 70 Damage and knockdown. Hero Up: Mind Blast for 66 Damage in radius plus 3+3+3 damage repeated shockwave around Jean. (All Stats for Maxed Hero)


Upon Entering: "Penny for your thoughts!"

Character Select: "I know you're gonna pick me."

Using Door: "W
Jean grey
hat's in here?"

Citizen Greeting: "Hi there!"

Eating Pizza: "Everyone's talking about how great this pizza is!" Going in Water: "So refreshing!"

Destroying Trouble-bot: "You don't belong here!"

Chasing Robber: "Oh no you don't! Come back here!"

Using Hotspot: "I love flying!"

Using Wheel: "Can't wait to see what prizes I win today!"

Visiting Shop: "I think I'm gonna get some good deals!"

Visiting Parker House: "Thanks very much ma'am." Sitting: "*sigh* I'll stop for a minute."

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to Lift, etc.): "Hey."

Solo Mission: "I can do this without the X-Men."

Mission with Other Squads: "I'm ready to team up!" Mission Complete: "I did it!" Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Hooray! Great job everyone!"

Power 1: "May I have this dance?"

Power 2: "Not so fast!"

Power 3: "This will blow your mind!"

Hero Up: "Psychic shield!"

To Cyclops: "The original X-Men will get the job done, right Cyclops?" To Phoenix: "I don't need the Phoenix Force to fight! I'll show you." To Wolverine (all versions): "Hey Wolverine, let's clean up this city!"