This awesome alien came to Earth on a silver board. Now he wields the Power Cosmic from the skies above Super Hero City.

Silver Surfer1

Character InformationEdit

Team: The Defenders

Playable: Yes

Cost: 25,000 Silver

Voice Actor: Mikey Kelley

Fight Style: Mixed

Movement: Flight


Upon Entering: "To me, my board!"

Character Select: "This is going to be a cosmic day!"

Using Door: "These doors are cosmic!"

Citizen Greeting: "I hope you're having a cosmic day."

Eating Pizza: "This pizza - totally cosmic!"

Going in Water: "This water's a little flat for me."

Destroying Trouble-bot: "Time for you to go on a ride to nowhere!"

Chasing Robber: "Hey, crime totally does not pay!"

Using Hotspot: "Surf's up. Way up!"

Using Wheel: "My luck is outta this world!"

Visiting Shop: "I hear they have some awesome deals here."

Sitting: "I'll rest up before the next wave."

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to Lift, etc.): "Woah!"

Solo Mission: "I can totally do this by myself."

Mission with Other Squads: "Time to show what the Power Cosmic can do!"

Solo Mission Complete: "That's the Power Cosmic."

Mission with Other Squads Complete: "Super cosmic job, everyone! We're totally awesome!"


Combo Damage: 7+9+11+25+30=82

Power Attack 1: The Shower Cosmic -- 1 Star

Rushes forward and deals 13+11 damage and knockdown to all enemies hit.


Power Attack 2: Cosmic Flip Kick -- 2 Stars

27 damage & knockdown dealt to all enemies hit.


Power Attack 3: Cosmic Energy -- 3 Stars

11+11+12 damage and knockdown to a single enemy.


Hero Up

33 damage and knockdown to all enemies in radius.