This special sneaky armor may let Iron Man scout behind enemy lines without being seen, but it still packs quite a punch!

Stealth Armor Iron Man

Character InformationEdit

Team: Avengers

Playable: Yes

Cost: Unlocked by completing Challenge #10

Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Fight Style: Ranged

Movement: Flight


Upon Entering: "Stealth Matrix at one hundred fifty percent!"

Character Select: "Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm right over here."

Using Door: "I could always hide in here instead of being stealthy."

Citizen Greeting: "You can see me, right? Okay. Hi there!"

Eating Pizza: "Pepperoni makes me less stealthy, but that's a price I'm willing to pay."

Going in Water: "Water does not interfere with Stealth Mode. I hope."

Destroying Trouble-bot: "You're not stealthy enough!"

Chasing Robber: "You need to be more stealthy to get away with that!"

Using Hotspot: "I'm under the radar today!"

Using Wheel: "I hope the Stealth Matrix doesn't interfere with the Prize Wheel."

Visiting Shop: "I could use some replacement parts for this armor."

Sitting: "Time to recharge the ol' Stealth Matrix."

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to Lift, etc.): "I wonder if I could turn this thing invisible."

Solo Mission: "They'll never see me coming."

Mission with Other Squads: "Excellent. I've been meaning to see how stealth mode works in a group setting."

Solo Mission Complete: "You should be more prepared next time, if you're dumb enough to try again, that is."

Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Hey, way to go everyone. You... knew I was here. Right?"