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The Amazing Society is an American video game developer and the developer of Super Hero Squad Online.

"The Amazing Society is a top-notch game studio populated by some of the greatest creators, movers, thinkers and shakers in our industry. As our company mission, our first and foremost goal is caring about what the kids (and their parents) want out of our games, and we want to create excellent products that will inspire and entertain families for generations to come.

It’s like having a Fun key on your keyboard, but better.

For us, great gameplay isn’t just about boss monsters and victory conditions. From appealing puzzles to revolutionary virtual spaces, from arcade-style games to rambunctious battle engines, all our games are designed for a higher quality of play, where every button push is tuned for maximum fun.

From micro to macro, from atomic to epic, we take challenges head-on.

Pushing the limits of what is possible and what is expected is a big part of our job. In our games, capturing the joy of movement and the moment is the key. The purity of unrestricted actions, and the capability to explore and play through our games on your own terms — these are the things we care about, and are the factors that drive our art, design, and engineering teams on a daily basis."